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Welcome to Kazakhstan

Dear guests of Almaty!
The company "Millennium Travel" will be glad to help you in organizing excursions around the Almaty, as well as individual tours to other regions of Kazakhstan. We will be happy to help you for booking hotels in Almaty and other cities of Kazakhstan. 
There are guides-translators which speak English, German, Russian, Chinese, Korean languages and transfers from economy to business class are always at your service. You can send us an e-mail to millennium@millennium.kz - you will receive quick response.


1. Shymbulak Ski Resort

Shymbulak Ski Resort is located in the picturesque valley of the Ile-Alatau at an altitude of 2510 meters above sea level and considered to be the one of the best ski bases in CIS.

The resort maintains a variety of routes, including the gentle and soft slopes for beginners and long runs for advanced skiers, FIS-slopes for downhill skiing, wild valleys, pristine snow and the Half-pipe for snowboarders, extreme bends for the pros, a special track for mogul. Each year the new routes appear at Shymbulak. Shymbulak has its own special atmosphere. Here you can see the skiers who like ironed track as well as the snowboarders who prefer extreme downhills with breathtaking jumps and turns.

Resort characteristics:

• Plateau Length – 3800 meters, Width – from 100 to 600 meters 

• Ski Zone – 2260-3163 meters, Difference in Height – 943 meters 

• Average Slope – 12-28 degrees, Maximum Slope – 45 degrees

Services for tourists: cableway, transportation services, hotel, ski school, rental and repair of ski equipment, sport goods store, restaurants, bars, children playground, entertainment and competitions for children


2. Republic Square

Republic Square is the largest open public space in the city, flanked by impressive modern edifices on every side. The square is reminiscent of the tragic events of December 1986, when several Kazakh students were killed while protesting. Since the capital was shifted to Astana, the square has been largely renovated. It has been landscaped to a great degree, and new architecture has sprung up around it. The centrally placed 6 meter tall statue of Altyn Adam, an influential figure in early Kazakh history dubbed locally as the Golden Boy, stands tall keeping watch over the city

The significance of this square has not diminished even after the capital was shifted, and it still holds some of the country’s largest open-air events, parades and protests.

3. Kazakh State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre after Abay

Was built  in 1934 and named after Kazakh poet, composer, and philosopher Abay Qunanbayuli.

Modern Abay Opera and Ballet Theatre is the flagship of musical art of Kazakhstan.Creative team of the theater is represented by glorified masters of the stage and young talents - winners of various prestigious international competitions, who has received international recognition.You may enjoy  the repertoire of the theater which  consists of ballet and opera performances on the works of world classics as well as  Kazakh authors  such as the opera "Tannhauser," "Lucia di Lammermoor," "Il Trovatore," "The Elixir of Love", "Tomris," "La Boheme" and others, ballets as "Legend of Love," "Tlep and Sarykyz" "Romeo and Juliet," "Red Giselle," "Anna Karenina".

Adress: 110 Kabanbai Batyr Street, corner of Panfilov Street

Tel. +7 (727) 272-79-63

4. Central Mosque Almaty

The central mosque of a city of Almaty is one of the largest mosques of Kazakhstan.

It is a magnificent building, constructed in the Timurid style of architecture, which looks ancient with Turkish calligraphy, domes and minarets. The majestic building is finished by marble and the colour tiles, which was executed in the Kazakh national motives, and crowned with the blue dome of diameter of 20 meters and hight of a 36m.

Height of the high minaret is 47 metres.

Religious tolerance is a feature of Kazakhstan, so you will be invited in to look around, even though you are not of that faith.


5. Medeu

Have you ever visited the world`s famous skating rink? If not, it is time to open up the most high-mountainous sport complex in the world. It is the best place for outdoor world competitions in speed skating, Russian hockey figure skating and other sports events-Medeu. There is 10,500 sq. meter ice area where the special refrigerating equipment provides the ice 8 months a year and ice tracks are kept ready for skating all year round.

Over 120 world records have been set there by the world`s strongest skaters. It is open for public skating December through march. Admission:  only about US 4 dollars. Skates rent is available on the first floor outside of the rink.


6. State Museum of Art of Republic of Kazakhstan named after A.Kasteev.

From the moment of the basis, the museum was the main centre of an art life of republic. Over the years, collection of works are collected by the products of masters from the Western Europe, Russian, Soviet art, the countries of the East, graphic and applied art of Kazakhstan.

. The pearls of national and world culture are represented in 14 halls of the museum. As a result of systematic work activity, collection of Kazakhstan graphic and an applied art products are different with its fullness and variety

The subjects of folk applied arts, reflect all areas of Kazakhs life over a long period. All kinds of art craft are marked by high art taste and skill - weaving, embroidery, felt products, woodcarving, horse equipment, arts of zerger.

Nowadays the State Museum of Fine Arts named after A. Kasteev is making restoration and scientifically-exploring work. It becomes the centre of gravity of new cultural initiatives. Broad contacts allow organizing personal exhibitions of Kazakhstan masters works, and also artists of near and far abroad, an exhibition of private collections causing huge interest of fine arts fans.

Opening Times:

10AM – 6PM. Closed on Mondays.


7. The Central State Museum

The Central State Museum is one of the biggest museums in Central Asia.

At present the collection of the Central State Museum consists of more than 300 000 artefacts of worldly and religious heritage.

The museum has 7 main exhibition halls:

The first hall consists of the paleontology and archaeology collections;

In the second hall you can see items of traditional Kazakh culture, life and household;

Collection of the third hall is devoted to the history and culture of various ethnicities that have lived in the Kazakhstan territory;

The forth hall is named “the Modern Kazakhstan” and represents the history of the Kazakhstan republic since 1991, when the country became independent;

The fifth hall is called “Open Fund” – “Archaeological Gold of Kazakhstan”;

The sixth hall – “the Museum of Anthropology” is the only one in Central Asia;

The seventh hall is a collection of artwork by H.G. Khludov (1850-1935) a distinguished Russian painter, ethnographer and historian;

Opening Times: 9:30AM – 5:30PM. Closed on Tuesdays.

Location: Republic of Kazakhstan, 050059, Almaty, Samal-1, 44

Informaton service: tel. +7 (727) 264-26-80

Excursion department: tel. +7 (727) 264-55-77

Hours: 09:30 - 17:30 (ticket office: 09:30 - 17:00)

8. Big Almaty Lake

Big Almaty Lake (BAL) several names like  Bolshoye Almatinskoye Ozero (Big Lake of Almaty in Russian or BAO) and Zhasylkol (Green Lake in Kazakh).

It isn't that big as it's called. It's only 1,6 km long, just under 1 km wide and up to 38 m deep. It is surrounded by three mountain peaks: Soviet (4 317m), Ozerniy (4 110m) and Tourist (3 954m).

Depending on time of day, month or year, BAL changes its colors and reflects the surrounding beauty on its surface. When you are in Almaty and you've had enough of the city bustle, I recommend you head towards BAL for a bit of fresh air and tranquility. It's only about 25 km from the city and sits about 2500 m above sea level.


9. Charyn "Grand" Canyon

The Charyn Canyon is another remarkable one of many other Kazakhstan landmarks. You hear people calling it the Grand Canyon of Kazakhstan or "the little kazakh brother" of the Grand Canyon. Although it reminds a smaller version of the famous Colorado landmark, it has its own beauty and features, quite different from its American brother.

The Charyn Canyon is situated about 200 km east of Almaty and stretches 154 km alongside the Charyn River.

10. Kok-Tobe

One of the most beautiful and fascinating places in the city is Kok-Tobe Mount, located at height of 1100 meters above sea level. The cable car connects the city center and Kok-Tobe.

It is so wonderful to look down and realize that the city is a huge creature that will remain forever in your heart. It is especially beautiful at night when the river of lights pulse with light, sparks of cars headlights are pouring into endless stream and you look at this beauty from the height and enjoy. Rise above the bustle and once again see the beauty of Almaty. From the top you will have a nice view of the mountains and the city. Kok-Tobe has a «Wish» fountain, in the shape of an apple, children’s playground, a climbing wall, «the Fast Coaster» attraction, a mini zoo, an art gallery and souvenir shop, teahouse, «Yurt» restaurant, Lovers’ alley, Rope Park.